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Dream Team Program


90 day team efficiency program

for PE + VC backed startups.

High growth startup teams must operate with incredible speed.

Moving fast, internal efficiencies can be ignored.

These inefficiencies end up slowing everyone down...

Personal agendas
Lack of prioritization
Vague decisions
Egos and anger

Fear of failure
Low accountability
Avoidance of conflict
Siloed collaboration

Team Leaders

            Achieve Unity.
            Drive Growth.
            Build Legacy.


Portfolio Support.            
Operator Growth
Increased Returns

Based on our 5 Competency Model,
a powerful framework for shared understanding.

5 comps.png
Full w labels.png

A quantitative foundation for objectivity

Chart Tracking the 5 Competencies

The Process:
Alignment: Opening assessment and team kickoff session.
Agility: Work
 is segmented into 2-week improvement sprints.
Autonomy: Projects are
 self-defined to instill commitment.
Access: Unlimited on-demand coaching and neutral facilitation.
no new tools, no unwanted meetings.

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