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Mindfulness at Work: Safe and Relaxed

One of many positive side effects of mindfulness is that it expands our ability to reframe "difficult" situations that arise and experience them anew. This positive reframing is a key attribute of leadership. This series of videos will explore the possible ways that mindfulness can help you find more joy and energy in your work.

The workplace is a environment steeped in insecurity. For many, it feels as though their very existence is on the chopping block every day. When the stakes feel this sigh, we don't do our best work; we are less creative and less resilient. These symptoms of chronic insecurity are ubiquitous: imposter syndrome, burnout, and depression.

Mindfulness helps us explore the place within ourselves that is stable and secure amidst the "insecurity". The place where we are whole, and where we feel safe and supported. It is an experience of true, profound resilience. Try it out:


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