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Mindfulness at Work: Let It Be

One of many positive side effects of mindfulness is that it expands our ability to reframe "difficult" situations that arise and experience them anew. This positive reframing is a key attribute of leadership. This series of videos will explore the possible ways that mindfulness can help you find more joy and energy in your work.

A foundation of work: there are big problems out there, and you must solve them. Your identity resides in your ability to do. This belief motivates us to be productive and engaged in solving problems, which is good.

But with no balance, this belief spirals into anxiety and self-criticism (i.e. burnout). When our identity is fully intertwined with our productivity, we must constantly prove ourselves. We squeeze joy out of the process and neglect our health and relationships. It's exhausting.

Mindfulness is a gentle reminder to return to the true nature of your experience, where the "work" is already complete. It is a safe-haven. Try it out:


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