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Grow your people.
Start today.
Don't interrupt your day job.

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We deliver team improvement and talent development to VC/PE backed startups.

Our Operating Principles

We work like a modern startup, because we are one.

(1) Data starts conversations and measures progress.
(2) Work is designed for an asynchronous and hybrid world.
(3) All programs are customized from a core methodology to suit your team's specific needs.
(4) Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you don't benefit from our services, you won't pay for them.

We Preach

Our Five Competency Model will have your entire team rally around excellence as a group norm: 

  How to be Mission Driven

  How to be Human Positive

  How to be Courageously Direct

  How to be Clear and Coordinated

  How to be Growth Oriented

Make team membership a career-defining achievement

You are

(overcoming detachment)

You are a true team. You nurture a shared mission together. When difficulty arises, you act on behalf of this shared purpose rather than in your own self interest.

You are connected.

(overcoming judgment)

You see each other as people, not enemies or objects. You behave towards each other in ways that increase the group's intelligence and resilience.

You are

(overcoming avoidance)

You use your voices to advance the team's mission. You share unpopular opinions, hold each other accountable, and resolve conflict. You do so with honesty and compassion.

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You are

(overcoming disorganization)

When you move, you do so as a single unit.
You have clear priorities to maintain focus and cross-functional collaboration to maintain system-wide awareness.

You are

(overcoming fear)

You do not seek perfection or fear failure. By acknowledging uncertainty and embracing experimentation, you are constantly adapting and growing.

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